About Mission Praxis

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Definition of praxis

plural: "praxes"

1action, practice: such as

a exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill

b customary practice or conduct

2practical application of a theory

Basically this is the embodiment of our art! This is what we do



Praxis is a community space & a vessel for progressive ideas & actions. We maintain our ethos through alliances, accountability, critical examination & consensus. Praxis intends to encourage a proactive, politically-motivated & creative lifestyle & to maintain the diverse culture of San Francisco. To do this, we network with and produce for the specific needs of our local Mission community.

We offer access to a safe space where we will do our best to provide resources and help to those who enter. We may not have the answers or the ability to provide & care for all who enter, but we strive to build a network of caring individuals and organizations to build things, grow things, feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, solve problems & resolve conflicts by communicating & collaborating more proactively with our neighbors.

We also offer access to materials for creative endeavors. We have many sewing machines, sergers, and a cover stitch machine. We have knitting needles & crochet hooks. We have paints, paintbrushes, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, markers, pens. We have fabric & yarn & paper that you’re welcome to come use.

Our goal is to create a resource for cultivating a sustainable lifestyle which we believe comes from:

  • sharing skills to grow, craft, make & build the things we need,

  • empowerment to take initiative in the creative process,

  • utilizing local resources to strengthen community & lessen our dependence on long distance transportation.

  • committing to fair trade with our neighbors as well as across borders,

  • celebrating an upcycled, hand-me-down, second-hand economy,

  • boycotting enslavement & sweatshop-produced items,

  • increasing access for people marginalized by social & financial inequality,

  • considering our history, ancestors, natives, and all who came before us,

  • making choices that will make a better life for our grandchildren,

  • fostering a healthy relationship with the earth, plants, animals, and their allies.

  • honoring the earth as sacred, fertile, & the source of life that feeds and cares for all living beings.

If you have projects, crafts, skills, knowledge that you would like to share, would like to schedule a workshop, take a class, or arrange something special, please stop by in person or contact us via email